Eco design ideas

eco product ideas


Fairphones you can fix yourself

3 wheeler

Electric assisted 3 wheeler

ID3 electric car


Electric pedal van with two square meters of cargo, 120 miles range, can go on cycle paths and park on pavements.


Collects 50 tons of plastic rubbish per day.

Headphones that are leased

Headphones that are leased

Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner

Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner saves on single use dust bags

Washable kitchen towels

Washable kitchen towels are a good idea if washed at a cool temperature using renewable energy.

arrival taxi

Battery powered car for taxis and car share designed to be made in micro factories.

toys made from 100% recycled plastic

Toys made from 100% recycled plastic

No more cartridges, just fill up four colour ink tanks instead.

food coating

Apeal food coating keeps food for longer without a plastic wrapper.

make up pads

Reusable make up pads

edible sachet

Ooho edible sachet made from seaweed

The world’s first ever tennis ball that remade into another tennis ball and its felt is made of wool not plastic.

Take your bike with you anywhere.

soap replace shampoo bottles

Bars of soap replace shampoo bottles.

Wooden sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses are made from renewable materials.

Jug made from 100% plant based plastic

Jug made from 100% plant based plastic, with a bamboo handle

Pen made from renewable plant based plastic

Pen made from renewable plant based plastic that can also be recycled

Lego is made from renewable plastics

Some Lego is made from renewable plastics.
Photos used with permission. ©2019 The LEGO Group.

car charger

OVO  has a car charger that can send power back in to the grid at peak times

Reliable easy to repair washing machine.

Using innovative glue technology, Snap Pack eliminates the need for traditional plastic rings.

McDonald’s and Loop have entered into a partnership to test a new reusable cup model for hot beverages.

Constant rubbish collection in water

Made from melting and reforming local plastic rubbish.

Waterless urinals reduce the CO2e emissions

Waterless urinals reduce the CO2e emissions from supplying  water.

Cardboard tents

Cardboard tents made from reused card for music festivals.

Refillable bottles

Refillable bottles using water and a tablet

Solar cars

Solar cars work well in hot climates but also help extend the range in cooler climates that rely on charge points.

Heated clothing

Heated clothing means we can reduce the temperature of our homes