Eco Product Designers

create products to reduce global warming.

Wildfires in Greece, Turkey and California have been burning out of control this summer due to global warming. There were even forest fires near the artic circle. Most people now understand their own carbon footprint is causing global warming. Consumers need to buy food, heat their homes, and buy products, but how can they do this and dramatically reduce their carbon footprint? By using Eco Product Design methods, we can create products that have a lower carbon footprint and enable consumers to use less energy and switch over to a more sustainable lifestyle.

For example let’s reinvent the BBQ to save energy and encourage people to eat less meat.  The lid of the BBQ should be insulated and it could have a label on promoting meat free alternatives. It should burn charcoal made from local sustainable forests, or burn seasoned off cuts from local trees. Some consumers may prefer a smoke free BBQ to reduce air born particulates, in which case food could be cooked an electric hot plate. This could be powers by electricity from the mains or from a battery feed by solar panels. Another smoke free option is to burn bioethanol to heat the hotplate. It is possible to make methane gas using a compost methane capture kit connected to a BBQ. The legs, chassis and handle should be made from wood to reduce the amount of steel because manufacturing and recycling steel causes a lot of emmisions. It should flat pack to reduce shipping emmisions and to enable it to be stored over winter; and dismantle easily for recycling.

Ideas like this would appeal to consumers wanting to cook outside with friends and lower their carbon footprint.

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